DAY 1 Mission: Determine the Origin of the Outbreak

Explorers will determine the origin of the outbreak on campus through the dissection of an “infected” brain, collecting historical data from infected patients and the strategic mapping of campus. 

Focus Topics: Anthropology, Forensics, Epidemiology, Data Analysis  


DAY 2 Mission: Save our Resources

Explorers will help to maintain the safety of Wake Forest University’s resources from the zombie outbreak by analyzing soil samples, developing a water purification system and determining a safe route of travel for collection of resources.

Focus Topics: Engineering, Hydrology, Data Collection, Motion Sensor Technology 


DAY 3 Mission: Systems of Survival 

Explorers will develop systems of survival through sustainability techniques in our campus garden and create their own energy sources. 

Focus Topics: Energy Resources, Sustainability


DAY 4 Mission: Protect the People

Explorers will engage in the engineering processes required to build a zombie motion detector and the development of an antidote delivery system in order to save the people of Wake Forest University. 

Focus Topics: Engineering, Drone Technology


DAY 5 Mission Complete: Presentations Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit 

Explorers will complete their mission through the presentation of their unique Zombie Outbreak Survival kits. 

Focus Topics: Data Analysis, Model Building, Public Speaking, Collaboration