Curriculum – Online Experience


Each day of the Summer Exploration Program-Online Experience will include instruction on a STEM focus topic led by Wake Forest Staff. After instruction, Academic Partners will guide explorers through an engaging, hands-on activity.

Monday – STEM Focus: Biology/Ecosystems
Explorers will engage with the structures and interdependent relationships that exist in various ecosystems and the importance of biodiversity. They will put their understanding to the test in a digital escape room. Will you they be able to crack the code?
Tuesday – STEM Focus: Chemistry/DNA
Explorers will dive in to the world of DNA, discovering what makes this molecule so important to the biodiversity on earth. During this session, explorers will have the opportunity to complete a DNA extraction of their own!
Wednesday – STEM Focus: Sustainability
Explorers will discover tools, resources and strategies on how to become active participants in the fight against global climate change.
Thursday – STEM Focus: Technology/Energy
Explorers will conclude their week with an energy session. Students will discuss the flow of energy in various systems and the importance of conservation. Explorers will demonstrate their findings through the construction of a complete circuit.

Student talking with tutor
Science Mapping
Student Presentations